TTD12 – Copenhagen Edition – Line up

Ok, great people of CPH, get ready to bike on down to Route66, Fælledvej, Kbh N. (if you didn’t already do so) to pick up your TTD12 ticket as we expect them to sell fast. Date is still 03/10 @ 19.00hrs in 5e. And the line up is as follows:

Old Fitzgerald 12 yrs 45%
Ballantines 17 yrs 43%
Dun Bheagan Islands 8 yrs 43%
Bowmore 17 yrs 43%
Lost Spirits Leviathan I 52%
Laphroaig 18 yrs 48%
Caperdonich 14 yrs Heavily Peated 51.5%

Hope we’ll being seeing you then.

TTD11 OpenAir Edition – Playlist

The final line-up and playlist for TTD11.

Elijah Craig12 yrs 
Ensemble Pearls: Sexy Angle Edit

Bruichladdich The Organic
Ahab: Aeons Elapsed
Iron Witch: Booze Blues

Ballantines 17 yrs
Herder: We Shall All Suffer From What The Gods Have Given To Us
Weedeater: Long Gone
Bottom Feeder: Grinding Teeth

Kilchoman 100% Islay 3rd Edition
Blockheads: Trail Of The Dead
Omega Massif: Ursus Arctos

Bunnahabhain 5yrs CS (BM)
Funeralium: Deceived Idealism Edit

Bowmore 17yrs
Cathedral: Entrance to Hell / Cathedral of the Damned / Infestation of Grey Death

Ledaig 8yrs
Mountain Goat: Smoke Filled Land
Kollaps: Father
Dark Flight: Distant Pain

TTD12 – Copenhagen

We’ve got even more great news for you: On October 3rd we will host TTD12 in Copenhagen! It will take place in 5e in Kødbyen from 19-22hrs. Tickets are 250 dkr and they’re on sale in Route 66 (fælledvej, Kbh N) from wednesday (04/09/13 ) on. And they’re limited to 32!

TTD11 – line up

We’re finally and proudly presenting the line-up for TTD11. As it will take place in an environment that focuses on organic, independence and, eh, small batches we chose to use these core values as guidelines. However only a small handful whiskies are truly organic and additionally usually also released in limited editions. We did better in the ‘indepence’ and ‘small batch’ department but we decided to broaden the scope a bit anyway. There is a reasonable explanation to all (most) of our additions and we will (hopefully) give you the gist of it on saturday. Here goes, we hope you like it:

TTD11 – line up:
Baker’s 7 yr 53,5%
Bruichladdich Organic 46%
Ballantines 17yrs 43%
Kilchoman 100% Islay 50%
Ledaig 8 yrs, 61% (BM)
Bowmore 17y Old, 43%
Bunnahabhain 5 yrs, 60,7% (BM)

TTD11 – first open air tasting ever!

So, here’s the big lovely news:
Next Taste The Doom is on Saturday Sept 7th and the place is just incredible: Prinzessinnengarten at U8 Moritzplatz. Yes, this will be our first Open Air tasting!!! So take the whisky and the doom add the stars (we will start earlier than usual so we have the sunset as well). We will have a looong table in between the flowers for us and a more than decent sound system. Weather will be fine because… we say so. However there is something big with a roof there to keep us dry in case of rain. If you are sensitive to chilly temperatures don’t worry, we have something for you – sevenfold.

The ticket sale for Taste The Doom 11 will start today. Procedure is the same as always: mail to to reserve your tickets. then make an appointment with me to pick them up within 3 days in Neukölln. address on request. ticket price is (still) 25 Euro. since this is a one-off open air tasting which we wont be able to do again before summer 2014 – if at all – we’ve upped capacity to 50 people. but dont think that this means you can wait with your reservation. tickets will be gone in no time just like always!

TTD9&10 Line Up & Playlist

This is it. The Line up. We’re convinced that this is our most complete line-up ever, in the sense that we cover almost every aspect of whisky be it type of corn, commercial scale, limited edition and even new make. Obviously we’re also adding new levels to the doom and even adding stuff that’s not even doom to go with the whisky thats not even a whisky! Confused? Don’t be, it’ll all make sense once we explain it to you!
The Spirit Drink That Dares Not…(Glen…g)  50%
Mogwai – Autorock
ST Erik – Swansong

Mellow Corn 50%
HuunHuurTu – Ancestors Prayer
ISIS – Deconstructing Towers
Graves At Sea – Black Bile

Green Spot 40%
Salome – The Message
Neurosis – Time Of The Beasts

Jura Superstition 43%
YOB – Catharsis

Glenfarclas 9yrs 56.1%  (CWH)
Monarch! – Black Becomes The Sun

Bowmore 14yrs 61.1%  (Big Market)
Bell Witch – Bails (Of Flesh)

Caperdonich 14yrs 51.5%  (Spirit & Cask Range)
Eibon – Entering Darkness
OM – Gethsemane


TTD9 (TAZ Edition) & TTD10

For those of you who do not care for Facebook and thus have not followed the heated debate in said place, we’ll give you the headlines. Which is to say: the two posts that spurred the debate.

TTD9 (TAZ Edition)
Here goes: We are very pleased to announce that we’ll host the next TTD9 in Berlin on Sat. 20/4 – 21hrs. The tasting is a part of this years TazLab, organized by so you’ll have to head over to their website to get tickets. And from a quick glance it seems that you can actually get the cheapest TTD-tickets in history, as apparently you can choose how much you’d like to pay. Neat. Be aware that they expect 2.000 visitors and TTD-seats are as usual limited to 32, so getting a ticket to the congress is not a guarantee to get a seat for TTD…But then you can enjoy the quite densely packed programme of the congress instead…

OK, guys, now seriously: did you really think we’d do a Taste The Doom in Berlin which you can hardly attend because of some complicated ticket whatever without thinking of you? We are disappointed and deeply hurt! To make up we’ll do TTD10 the day before (same line-up as TAZ edition). Here’s the gist:

Date & Time:  Friday 19th April, 21.00hrs.
Place: Sputnik Kino, Südstern.
Limited to 32 places.
Ticket reservation by e-mail from 2nd April on. Pick up your tickets before 11th April in Neukölln!

We can already guarantee  an extraordinarily complete line-up tasting-wise. In other words, this one is for the (tasting)nerds. And even if you’re not a nerd, you don’t wanna miss this one!


TTD8 Sonic Acts Edition Line Up / Playlist

After hard work and due consideration we can now disclose the final line-up for TTD8 in Amsterdam this weekend. There are still tickets to be had, so head on over to the Sonic Acts website for more info.

we’ll serve/playlist:

Bernheim Straight Wheat bourbon
BarnOwl: Visions in Dust
Pallbearer: Foreigner
Twilight:  Negative Signal Omega

Cameron Brig single grain
Ufomammut: Oro (Opus Primum)
ShapeOfDespair: Aether

Compass Box Asyla
MegatonLeviathan: Water Wealth Hell On earth pt. 1
Batillus: Deadweight
Lento: Anxiety, Despair and Languish

Amrut Fusion
Ocean: The Beacon (excerpt)

Birnie Moss
Urfaust: Der Freiwillige Bettler
Ea: Ea

Old Ballantruan JW Cross Hill 2002  sgl cask
Black Wreath: Solitude Rising
Celestiaal: Hinterland

Maximum Peat 7 (Spirit and Cask Range)
Worship – Tide of Terminus

For those of you not going to Amsterdam, well, do swing by Slowlands friday evening and enjoy some über-tasty treats carefully selected to ensure your well-being as well as stuff you will not find in any bar, guaranteed!

We’ll open at 21.00 hrs on friday 15th Feb. 2013 // Sputnik Kino, Hasenheide 54, 3. Hinterhof, 5. stock, U7 Südstern // free entrance //

TTD8 (Sonic Acts Edition)

Hereby we happily and proudly announce the next materialisation of your favorite tasting: Taste The Doom 8 – a special edition for the Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam on Sunday Feb 17. As always tickets are limited and they should go quickly since it is part of a rather big event. Please refer to their website for further details.

PS: Just to keep you Berliners from complaining – we also thought of you and will announce more good news in a few days.

Read More: TTD8 @ Sonic Acts 2013

Line-up and Playlists TTD6 & TTD7

Back from the vacuum that is the christmas holidays, we can now present the line-up and playlists from  Taste The Dooms held in December.


21/12 2012

Willet Straight Rye 5yr Single Barrel 55%
Huata – Thee Imperial Wizard

Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41,4%
Suma – Let The Churches Burn
Without God – They Rot

Duthies Bruichladdich 20 yr CS 52.2%
Necro Deathmort – In Binary / Insecto!
SOL – Viljen Til Kamp
Grey Daturas – Golden Gate Blues

Cadenheads Rosebank 21 yr 52.1%
Stasis – Circumstance
Monarch – Blood Seeress

Glengoyne 16 yr (Blaufränkisch finish) 50%
Wolves In The Throne Room – (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem Of 12 Stars  (TTD Edit)
Sum Of R – Captured Lightning / Alarming

C+S Dram Glendullan 12 yr 57.1%
Fleshpress – All Hope Lost
Skepticism – Oars in the Dusk

Octomore 4 5yr 62.5%   
Dark Buddha Rising – Enneargy

TTD6 & 6.2

14+15/12 2012

Greenore 8yr Single Grain 40%
Year Of No Light – Hierophante
Deathspell Omega – III

Four Roses Single Barrel 50%
Boris – The Evil One Which Sobs

Amrut Single Malt 46%
YOB – Before We Dreamed of Two
Fetish69 – Antibody

Kilchoman Machir Bay 46%
Weedeater – Bull
Fistula – Burn The Ladder

Laphroaig PX Cask 48%
Weekend Nachos – Unforgivable
Thorr’s Hammer – Norge
Dopethrone – Dark Foil

Duthies Bruichladdich 20 yr CS 52.2%
Ufomammut – Aureum / Infearnatural

Signatory Vintage Islay 5yr CS  58.4%
Meth Drinker – Deprivation
Moss – Tombs of The Blind Drugged



Fri 19.1.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 9.2.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 16.3.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 13.4.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg