SLOWLANDS Berlin | Whisky Club | Fri 18th November

Good Whisky. Evil Music. Charming Staff.

Enjoy up to 30 different kinds of liquid gold from all around the world (not just Scotland and USA), most of which you won’t find anywhere else in Berlin.

Three new bottles, two from the Highlands – Strathisla 12y & Glengoyne 18y – and one from Sweden – Mackmyra Svensk Ek












To even increase your informed entertainment we present a new feature coming from a collaboration of the Slowlands Music Dept. and our in-house team of software developers. You will now always see the currently playing artist/song on the video projection. No more guessing what all that great music is. Here is a video.

We are open from 9pm on.

Free entrance

Sputnik Kino Bar,
Hasenheide 54, 3. Hinterhof, 5. Stock
right at U7 Südstern

If you are coming from Hasenheide go to the 3rd yard and then take the green door in the left corner up to the top floor. There is a SPUTNIK KINO sign on the wall.
If you are coming from Körtestrasse go to the 2nd yard, turn right and take the green door in the corner.

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