TTD19 line-up and playlist

To encourage you to partake in the upcoming event(s) we finally managed to post the line-up and playlist from the previous TTD number 19.  As we struggle to find the best whisky (that we’re convinced or hope you’ve never thought of or heard about before) in order to make as diverse and challenging tastings (yes. plural. again.) as possible ( in the very foreseeable future we might add) we hope you’ll find inspiration from the list below while passing time until TTD20 and beyond…

Bushmills 16yrs 40%
Cough – Crippled Wizard
Graves At Sea – Pariah

Scapa 10 yrs GM 43%
Electric Wizard – We Love The Dead / I Am Nothing

Mackmyra Midvinter 46,1% 
Gloson – Årsgang / The Aftermath Beginning

Clynelish 12J 57,8% CWH 
Dopethrone – Cultleader
Oxtongue – Cessation: The Shade Rapes Nativity

Balmenach 10 yrs OMC 50% 
Atriach – Shadows / Downfall

Talisker Dark Storm 45.8% 
Sinistrous Diabolus – On Blackened Wings
Phyllomedusa – Toadthrone (EW cover)

Classic of Islay 2014 JW 56.4% 
Ensorcelor – Flesh Dreams of Uninhabited Space

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Fri 19.1.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 9.2.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 9.3.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 13.4.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg