TTD12 – Copenhagen Edition – Line up

Ok, great people of CPH, get ready to bike on down to Route66, F√¶lledvej, Kbh N. (if you didn’t already do so) to pick up your TTD12 ticket as we expect them to sell fast. Date is still 03/10 @ 19.00hrs in 5e. And the line up is as follows:

Old Fitzgerald 12 yrs 45%
Ballantines 17 yrs 43%
Dun Bheagan Islands 8 yrs 43%
Bowmore 17 yrs 43%
Lost Spirits Leviathan I 52%
Laphroaig 18 yrs 48%
Caperdonich 14 yrs Heavily Peated 51.5%

Hope we’ll being seeing you then.

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Fri 19.1.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 9.2.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 16.3.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg
Fri 13.4.18 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg