SLOWLANDS Berlin | Whisky Club | Fri 13th May

Somehow we managed to get 5 fantastic new whisk(e)ys for Slowlands this Friday (probably by spending too much money):

* The standard Clynelish is already a great classic Highland whisky but thats the Distillers Edition with additional Oloroso finishing!

* Arran 18y (eighteen) – far too expensive but this is just the shit. One sip and you know that all the marketing lies about “age doesn’t matter” are just this.

* Wolfburn – the products of newly built distilleries due to the ongoing whisky boom are starting to reach the markets. laughable 3 years young but already really enjoyable. with soft peat.

*Mackmyra Iskristall – luckily back on the menu. from our favorite Swedish distillery. Finished in PX casks.

* Rowan’s Creek – time for another good bourbon…






Enjoy up to 30 different kinds of liquid gold from all around the world (not just Scotland and USA), most of which you won’t find anywhere else in Berlin.

We are open from 9pm on.

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Free entrance

Sputnik Kino Bar,
Hasenheide 54, 3. Hinterhof, 5. Stock

right at U7 Südstern

If you are coming from Hasenheide go to the 3rd yard and then take the green door in the left corner up to the top floor. There is a SPUTNIK KINO sign on the wall.
If you are coming from Körtestrasse go to the 2nd yard, turn right and take the green door in the corner.


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Taste The Doom 25th Edition

Finally we can announce that TTD25 will take place on May 7th in one of the greatest locations we’ve had the pleasure of serving whisky in: Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark. Their attention to detail made the night absolutely brilliant and wildly epic and last time was even followed up by a 2 page-spread in the local newspaper. So we reckon this might sell out quite fast…
As usual we have gone to great lengths in order to select the finest whisky for your palate and we will disclose the entire list shortly, but for now we can say that we’ll have a rather splendid independent bottling of Dalmore and a truly surprising little known bottling of Ailsa Bay!

Use this link to secure your ticket now: http://www.billetlugen.dk/da/event/taste-doom/billetter

And we haven’t even mentioned the best part: TTD25 will take place in a super secret place which is set to blow your mind! So there really are no excuses for not showing up.

TTD22 – Lineup and playlist

TTD22 – Open Air Academy
Glentauchers 11yrs 46% (Warehouse no. 8)
James Welburn – Naught
Indian – Directional

Flóki Young Malt 47%
Usnea – Healing Through Death

Longmorn 16yrs 51.9% Dun Bheagan
Spacebong – (Intro) Utopia

Bowmore 9yrs 58,7% Berrys Own Selection
Conan – Altar Of Grief + Crown Of Talons

Caol Ila 12 CS 59,2% Gordon Macphail
Old Witch – God Ov Wolves
Rorcal – Vilagvege

Lineup and playlist for TTD20 + TTD21

TTD21 – HDDT Final Edition
Knob Creek Rye 50%
Evil Spirit – Grey Ashes Of The Reptile
+ Let The Dragon Be My Guide

Paul John Brilliance 43%
Profetus – The Dire Womb of Winter

Flóki Young Malt 47%
Usnea – Healing Through Death

Linkwood 14yrs 55.8% (MoS)
Neurosis – Distill
Cult Of Luna – Synchronicity

Auchroisk 15yrs 55.4% (OP)
Weedeater – Riff
Nadja – Dead Skin Mask (Slayer cover)

Talisker Dark Storm 45.8%
Tyranny – Upon The War
(Torn Shape Of Cold Earth)

Islay 55% (S&C)
Atriarch – Allfather
Metallica – The Call of Chutulu

Knob Creek 9yrs 50%
Evil Spirit – Grey Ashes Of The Reptile
+ Let The Dragon Be My Guide

The Glenrothes 1998 16yrs 43%
Usnea – Healing Through Death

Allt-A-Bhainne 14yrs 46.0 % (S&C)
Profetus – The Dire Womb of Winter

Linkwood 14yrs 55.8% (MoS)
Neurosis – Distill
Cult Of Luna – Synchronicity

Auchroisk 15yrs 55.4% (OP)
Weedeater – Riff
Nadja – Dead Skin Mask (Slayer cover)

Caol Ila 12yrs CS 59.2% (G&M)
Old Witch – God Ov Wolves
Rorcal – Vilagvege

Maximum Peat no. 14 7yrs 59.5% (S&C)
Tyranny – Upon The War (Torn Shape Of Cold Earth)

TTD20 and TTD21

We’ve got our hands full for the coming months and these are the first two events we are ready to disclose.

We are very happy to be able to announce that tickets can now be reserved for TTD20 at N.K. in Berlin on April 24th. So make sure to secure your ticket now by sending a mail to worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com with “TTD20” in the subject line. Price is €30 and pick-up details will follow. The tasting begins at 21.00 hrs SHARP!

Furthermore we are equally happy that we’ll make TTD21 at Heavy Days in Doom Town on May 2nd in Copenhagen. Personally we’re looking very much forward to this musical highlight of the year and we can only urge you to join us at either the festival or the tasting (you do not need festival tickets to partake in the tasting). TTD21 will be held in Nordvest Bibliotek & Kulturhus and you can reserve your ticket by sending a mail to worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com with “TTD21” in the subject line.  But be really fast as half the tickets are already gone. Price is 250 Dkk and pick-up details will follow. The tasting begins at 16.00 hrs SHARP!

TTD19 line-up and playlist

To encourage you to partake in the upcoming event(s) we finally managed to post the line-up and playlist from the previous TTD number 19.  As we struggle to find the best whisky (that we’re convinced or hope you’ve never thought of or heard about before) in order to make as diverse and challenging tastings (yes. plural. again.) as possible ( in the very foreseeable future we might add) we hope you’ll find inspiration from the list below while passing time until TTD20 and beyond…

Bushmills 16yrs 40%
Cough – Crippled Wizard
Graves At Sea – Pariah

Scapa 10 yrs GM 43%
Electric Wizard – We Love The Dead / I Am Nothing

Mackmyra Midvinter 46,1% 
Gloson – Årsgang / The Aftermath Beginning

Clynelish 12J 57,8% CWH 
Dopethrone – Cultleader
Oxtongue – Cessation: The Shade Rapes Nativity

Balmenach 10 yrs OMC 50% 
Atriach – Shadows / Downfall

Talisker Dark Storm 45.8% 
Sinistrous Diabolus – On Blackened Wings
Phyllomedusa – Toadthrone (EW cover)

Classic of Islay 2014 JW 56.4% 
Ensorcelor – Flesh Dreams of Uninhabited Space

TTD18 – Vienna edition playlist and line-up.

Here’s what you may have missed out on, if you weren’t in Vienna. And yes, we still have a few tickets left for the upcoming TTD19 just in case you prefer not to be missing out, again.

TTD18 – Vienna

Four Roses Single Barrel 50%
Boris – The Evil One Which Sobs

Macallan Speymalt GM 43.0 %
Reverend Bizarre – In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Reverend Bizarre

Mannochmore 11yrs 59.8%
Electric Wizard – We Live

Dailuaine 16yrs (Potstill) 55.4%
Usnea – Brazen Bull of Phalaris

Bowmore 13yrs (Cadenhead) 46 %
Bell Witch – Bails (Of Flesh)

Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014 46%
Weedeater – Bull
Fistula – Burn The Ladder

Benromach Peat Smoke 46%
Arborist – Total Entrachy
Cult Of Linneaus – The War of All Against All

TTD19 @ N.K. (Berlin) 24/01/15

We know that today is a sad day for many people, unless of course you love your job, in which case today is indeed a truly happy day. But however the case we’re just about to make your day significantly better with the following announcement: (ahem) Hear ye, hear ye – we cordially invite you to take part in the first Taste The Doom of 2015! We know we’ve been away for far too long and we wholeheartedly apologize for that and it will never happen again (although that is actually not a promise). But suffice to say we will make it up to you (and you know it) through our flawless selection of whiskies to be had at TTD19 (which you will not want to miss out on!). So, to wrap it up: TTD19 will take place @ N.K. (Elsenstr. 52, Neukölln) on saturday the 24th of January 2015 at 21.00 p.m. SHARP! And you may reserve your tickets (€25 each) already now sending a mail to worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com. Pickup of tickets will commence as soon as convenient.


There are still some tickets available for our upcoming Taste The Doom in Vienna on 30th August – probably also because we forgot to post how to order the tickets…
there are two ways:
* buy them online through oeticket: http://www.oeticket.com/de/tickets/taste-the-doom-wien-grelle-forelle-368393/event.html
* buy them offline at wienXtra-jugendinfo (Babenbergerstraße 1/Ecke Burgring, +43/1/4000-84 100) – since they have only a very limited contingent it might be advisable to call them up before going there.

for all details of the event see the posting below.

we are looking forward to welcoming you.

TTD18 – Vienna


We cordially invite you to help us inaugurate the first Viennese Taste The Doom on Sat 30th August 2014. After three successful years in Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen and with press coverage in diverse media from German metal blogs over Danish national radio to The New York Times we now bring this epic event to the world capital of morbid mindsets and depression-based alcohol abuse.

Join us to revel in two of the most delightful things in life: Drinking excellent whisky and listening to supreme Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal. We will spoil you with a hand-picked selection of seven outstanding whiskies and tracks, which we introduce to you in detail one by one. Each dram can then be enjoyed while listening to our carefully selected music and/or chatting with your friends (if you have any).

The tasting will take place at one of the most suitable places in town: the sun terrace of Grelle Forelle, which should be a familiar place to everyone into whisky or doom metal (we’ve been told).

This Viennese edition of Taste The Doom is organized in cooperation with Grelle Forelle.

Seats are limited to 32 and you MUST buy a ticket in advance. Really! Ticket purchase works like this:
* buy them online through oeticket – link will be added.
* buy them offline at wienXtra-jugendinfo (Babenbergerstraße 1/Ecke Burgring)
tickets should be available form monday 28.7. on.
And, no, there are no free tickets…

The tasting starts at 7pm sharp and will last about 2,5 hours. We will lecture predominantly in English. Viennese language assistance is available on request.

Tickets are 35 Euro each.

To receive our announcements please subscribe at http://www.tastethedoom.com/ and/or join our Facebook group “Taste The Doom”.
You can contact us at worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com


Fri 1.12.17 Sputnik Kino, Kreuzberg